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We can develop your product from concept to manufacturing. We will build prototypes to demonstrate performance and Compliance per your electrical specifications. A design verification report will be submitted upon project completion including Thermal, Spice, Stress, MTBF and Worse Case Analysis.

Technical Advising
We can assist your Engineering Staff in the development or completion of current designs. Services we provide include: Design Concept Feasibility, Thermal Analysis, Electrical Specification Generation, Spice Analysis, Loop Stability Analysis, Project Cost Analysis, Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), Safety Analysis.

Power Supply Troubleshooting

We will identify the trouble area and provide the lowest cost implementation
solution in order to minimize production impact.


EMI/RFI filter design to be compliant with European and American Standards (UL1950, CSA, EN 60950, etc.).

Noise Reduction Techniques
Shielding, Grounding, Filtering, Layout.

Printed Circuit Board Design
Board layout is very critical in high frequency design. A poor board layout
can upset circuit performance and cause EMI/RFI problems.

Our experienced PCB designers and electrical designers utilize CAD analysis
techniques to achieve low noise levels.

Standard and Planar Magnetics Design

We design high frequency switchmode transformers, inductors, chokes, gate drive transformers, Current sense transformers, Pulse transformers, etc., utilizing standard and planar techniques. Power range from 5 watts to 5 kilowatts.

Planar Magnetics allows Power Electronics designers to achieve low profile architecture that can be easily mounted on a printed circuit board. Some of the benefits are:

  • High Power Densities

  • High Efficiency at high operating frequencies, 97% typical.

  • Excellent high voltage Isolation

  • Low parasitic reactances

  • Light Weight

  • Manufacturing repeatability

  • Low Profile

Miniature Power Products for Robotics Applications

Dialex Engineering provides miniature power solutions including dc-dc converters, general purpose motion controls, smart drive servo amplifiers, servo motors, smart battery chargers, and a host of software to offer customers single-source control solutions for cost effective applications ranging from one to thirty two axes of control.

Design and Manufacturing of Standard and Automatic Test Equipment.

Automated test equipment (ATE) is computer controlled test and measurement equipment, arranged in such a way as to be able to test a unit with minimal human interaction. The advantage of this kind of test is that they are repeatable and cost efficient in high volume. Standard Test Equipment requires a higher level of human interaction increasing Test time and a higher possibility of measurement error.

Configurations for automated test equipment include bed-of-nails (BON), flying probe, and optical. In a bed-of-nails configuration each circuit net on the board is connected to the tester, typically with one nail per net. The ATE pin drivers send test signals through the probes which then get routed to the PCB components via test land pads. BONs typically require a vacuum or air source. The flying probe system uses a low number of moving probes rather than the high number of fixed probes in the BON. Test times may be slower due to probe movements, but the method has compensating benefits. In practice, a flying probe can provide close to 100% test coverage on a board with thousands of nets of passive components and hundreds of digital devices. Optical inspection methods include scanning probe microscopes to reveal cold solder junctions, reverse polarity components, wrong value devices, mis-aligned or missing components, etc. Optical inspections do not need test fixtures and require no electrical sources or measurements.

Our Design Team has many years of experience with hardware selection and compatibility as well as software programming languages such as Visual Basic, VB.net, C/C++, Labview, and database development software such as Excel and SQL.


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