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Consulting Process

What we need to know, before we can start your power supply design!

  • How many outputs do you need?

  • Do the outputs need to be isolated?

  • What voltages and currents are required for each output?

  • Line regulation of each output of the power supply?

  • Load regulation of each output of the power supply?

  • Do you need current sharing?

  • Do you need over voltage protection?

  • Do you need margin alarms?

  • Do you need DC-OK alarm signals?

  • Do you need AC-OK alarm signals?

  • Do you need any other control functions or alarm features of the power supply?

  • Do you need voltage and current monitoring with digital communication interface?

  • What are the limits of overshoot and undershoot and transient response?

  • What size do you expect the power supply to be?

  • What kind of I/O connectors you need on your power supply?

  • What rating you need to meet? UL, CSA, TUV, Medical, BABT, or some other specification?

  • Do you need to have the supply tested by ICT in circuit testers?

  • Does EMI / RFI need to be tested?

Remember you should always give us the widest possible specification you can use. This will always insure that you will get the lowest cost in you power supply design. We welcome all questions about any power supply design that you may have.


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